The New York Times Really Wants Hillary To Answer A Freaking Question

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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The New York Times appears to be openly losing patience with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her refusal to take any sort of questions from the political press corps. (RELATED: Liberal WaPo Columnist: ‘I’d Be Livid’ As A Reporter Covering Inaccessible Hillary)

Times reporter Amy Chozick — no doubt irritated with constantly following Clinton from location to location without asking a single question — published a blog post Wednesday revealing what questions The Times would have asked if they had gotten the chance.

“Since she declared her candidacy on April 12, Hillary Rodham Clinton has answered just seven questions from reporters,” the intro to the piece reads. “This is the first installment of a regular First Draft feature in which The Times will publish questions we would have asked Mrs. Clinton had we had the opportunity.”

For the record, here is the (very good) question Chozick would have asked:

“President Obama said his executive action on immigration went as far as the law will allow. You say you would go beyond what he did. How could you stretch the law further than the president of your own party and his Justice Department says it can go?”

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