Admission Spots Are Still Available At These 9 Ridiculously Expensive, Fancypants Colleges

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Summer is fast approaching. Barbecues. Vacations. Mosquitos. And, for the admissions staffs at more than 220 colleges and universities across the country, abject terror because this fall’s freshman classes remain unfilled.

Below, The Daily Caller offers for your consideration a list of nine notable colleges schools which still — still — have spots available for the Class of 2019 as of this late date in early May.

This sampling of schools comes from a much larger list of schools compiled by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). Each year, NACAC publishes a list of all its member schools that are still accepting applications for first-year or transfer students for next fall.

DePauw University in rural Indiana is most famous as the alma mater of Dan Quayle and the school that decided to host mid-level Obama administration flunky and “Harold & Kumar” stoner trilogy star Kal Penn as last year’s commencement speaker. Tuition, fees and room and board at DePauw add up to $54,026 each year.

Famed minimalist architect Mies van der Rohe was able to make his vision of what a modern college campus should look like a reality at Illinois Institute of Technology on the South Side of Chicago. Sadly, students at IIT must now live with that reality. The cost for tuition, fees and room and board at Illinois Tech is $54,980 annually.

There are a lot worse places to spend four years or so than the University of Redlands, a truly gorgeous liberal arts college for rich Southern California kids located about an hour’s drive from some sweet ski resorts. Tuition, fees and room and board at Redlands run a steep $58,140 each year.

America is home to two schools named Wheaton College but only one of them — the one in Massachusetts — has space available in the fall. Mimi Alford, the 19-year-old White House intern who had an affair with President John F. Kennedy, was once a student at the school on the outskirts of suburban Boston. Tuition, fees and room and board at Wheaton are $59,865 per year.

Mills College is an obscure all-female school in Oakland, Calif. that is famous because last year it became the first women’s college in American to admit people with male genitalia as long as they swear to everyone they are female. Tuition, fees and room and board at Mills add up to $56,832 annually.

Knox College is a small liberal arts school amid the vast farmlands of rural Illinois where the motto is “Freedom to Flourish.” The school had a hell of a run of commencement speakers about 10 years ago which included Barack Obama (2005), Stephen Colbert (2006), Bill Clinton (2007) and Madeleine Albright (2008). It’s been downhill since then, though. Tuition, fees and room and board at Knox will cost you $48,855 per year.

The University of San Francisco, a Catholic school where the school president and the majority of the board of trustees are white, is most famous for creating flyers urging readers to inspect their “white privilege,” “male privilege,” “Christian privilege,” “heterosexual privilege,” “able-bodied privilege,” “class privilege and “cisgender privilege” (a person is “cisgender” if their stated gender matches their physical sex). Tuition, fees and room and board at the school so deeply concerned about privilege are around $51,550 each year.

Lake Forest College is a small liberal arts bastion on Chicago’s ritzy North Shore. Without question, the most famous alumnus is Steven Goodman, who co-wrote David Allan Coe’s legendary country song “You Never Even Called Me by My Name.” Tuition, fees and room and board at Lake Forest College will set you back $50,652 annually.

The campus of the University of San Diego is like some stunning dream you might have. The buildings are whitish and pretty much uniformly in the Spanish Renaissance architectural style. The lush, hilly, idyllic landscape is flawlessly maintained. If you stand in the right place, the views of the Pacific Ocean are amazing. Tuition, fees and room and board at the Catholic school cost about $56,000 each year.

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