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Leave It To Sally Kohn To Make A Nice Gesture Seem Racist

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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For CNN liberal commentator Sally Kohn, there is no free ride.


This morning, as in approximately 34 minutes ago, she tweeted that she forgot her wallet and was given a free subway ride. She blames her whiteness.

Could WaPo‘s race reporter Wesley Lowery, he of mixed race and confused by a Maryland police officer as being Arab, have fared as well?

According to Sally, no.

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Predictably, the Twitter peanut gallery went wild. Many asked, what’s wrong with Sally Kohn? How does she live with herself? “Good God what is wrong with you?” asked @GOPFashionista. And @Mr.Breeze: “Life is just sucking on lemons. Sucks to be you.” And another asked, “How do you actually make it through the day?”

Sally wondered aloud, “How was I complaining? Acknowledging I benefit from white privilege is like acknowledging I live in NYC. A fact.”

She also doubled down on her original point — that the free ride involved her race.

“A. Naming class/race privilege isn’t calling bestower of privileged treatment classist or racist. Just a fact of biases we all possess. B. Getting free ride on subway certainly also of course NICE! Also arguable such niceties more often bestowed on me bc of race and class.”

The Best In Reactions…

1. “You sound like you would be fun at parties.”

2. “@sallykohn A black woman at the gas station forgot her wallet, and I paid the $32 for her. Oddly, I would have done the same were she white!”

3. “@sallykohn Or, it was just someone being kind, who isn’t racist and understands people sometimes forget their wallets.”

4. “Sally is the type that bitches about ladies nights at bars.”

The Sharpest Of Elbows…

“You literally have no proof to substantiate that. Now please, deflate your ego. Some of us trying to breathe.” To which Sally replied, “Gee there are whole religions based on things no one can prove but anyway yeah it was ego, sure, okay.”

The Most Shocked Reaction…

“Wow. Your thanks for a good deed is to call the guy a racist. Unbelievable even for you @sallykohn”

Telling It Like It Is…

“ur so full of shit. I ride NYCMTA every day for 20+ yrs. Have seen countless ppl of all color get the “sure get on” wave @sallykohn”

The Meanest Reactions…

“Next time I hope he pistol whips you.”

“Have u ever contemplated how pathetically sad it is that u find racism even in a random act of kindness?”

Maybe The Funniest…

“@sallykohn #ButchPrivilege”

Poor Sally. And it’s only Thursday.

That means a lot of time for this to blow up her feed and her inbox all day long.