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More On Politico’s Sinister Supply Closet…

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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On Thursday, The Mirror brought you news of Politico supervisor Blake Hounshell, who demanded that a junior breaking news reporter pack up her things and leave before her final day. (RELATED: Politico Editor Pulled Employee Into Supply Closet, Told Her To Pack Up Immediately)

Kendall Breitman had taken a job with Bloomberg Politics and Hounshell, for whatever reason, wanted her out of the building ASAP.

The weird part? He conducted the meeting in a supply closet.

As multiple sources informed me, Hounshell took her into the closet to tell her. He then insisted that she go to HR for her exit interview and was escorted from the building.

Hounshell denied something, though I’m not sure what. Asked for comment, he replied, “This isn’t right,” and said he couldn’t discuss personnel matters.

There’s more on that supply closet. As described to The Mirror, it’s a “ridiculous” room in that it is a mail room that doubles as a storage facility with two Keurig machines. It’s also where employee headshots are taken.” Oddly, sources tell me Politico has no place for employees to convene: “The supply room/mail room is regularly used as a place to talk since there is no exclusive common space for Politico employees.” (I’m told it was strange that Hounshell didn’t just use his office.)

The coldness displayed in this incident, say sources, is not surprising.

Employees are now speaking of a sea change since new management took over and VandeHarris (President and CEO Jim VandeHei and Editor-in-Chief John Harris) set their sights on Europe and New York.

“Things have changed,” said an insider on condition of anonymity. “There isn’t a kindness, a ‘hey how are you?’ even from any of the leadership.”

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