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Quote of the Day:

“How on earth did I ever live without a glowing pane of glass in my hand containing the sum total of all human knowledge and experience?”

Mark Andreessen, software engineer, cofounder of Netscape, coauthor of Mosaic.


“Converting from coffee to tea today. Look out world, withdrawals coming.” — ex-MSNBCer Goldie Taylor, senior editor for BlueNationrReview.

Politico gets a fascinating new follower

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Genius ideas…

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The Observers

“Really respect how the UK has all the candidates appear together for announcement results, but too many clown candidates (Elmo?) on stage.” — Doug Heye, longtime House, Senate, campaign flack.

“Americans asking me what happens next: by tradition, the Queen feeds the losing candidates to the royal panther, then lights a fire.” — National Review‘s Charles C.W. Cooke.

Even Bill Clinton? 

“Whatever happens next election we are going to have a hot First Lady again.” — GotNewsCharles C. Johnson.

Twitter dependency

“I’d leave twitter but then what would I do in line at Chipotle? That’s what you are to me.” — Jon Lovett, presidential speechwriter.

WaPo race reporter Wesley Lowery bitches about The Washington Examiner 

“WaPo on Tues: 1500 words on where Tamir Rice donation $ went
Wash Examiner today: 900 words whining about 2 words in that piece
#journalism” — Lowery.

A reader remarked, “Now you’re whining about the whining. Why not give a link or tell us what the 2 words were. Maybe a legitimate beef.”

Wesley doesn’t care about offering information. He replied, “Not going to reward them with traffic for printing nonsense.”

Well, here is that story.

The two words in question are “ever-growing roster” and it pertains to what Lowery said is the growing number of police killings of African Americans. The Washington Examiner questions Lowery’s assertion, saying there is no statistical proof that this is true. As the Examiner points out, Lowery once knew this: “There are no comprehensive statistics on police killings of suspects — a problem Lowery himself wrote about in a 2014 Post article.”


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Deep Thoughts With NYT’s Charles Blow

“I keep hearing ppl say things that to me go too far. I thought: ‘He/She is never going to be able to walk bak from that!’ That’s why I find the blurring of lines between attorneys, activists, operatives and journalists so worrisome. Very different sensibilities.”