These Girls Saved The World, And They Look Even Sexier Today [PHOTOS]

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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Washington D.C. echoed to the sound of freedom in the sky today as dozens of World War Two planes from the Arsenal of Democracy performed a celebratory Victory Flyover. The flyover was in memorial to mark the 70th anniversary of VE-Day, the day fighting came to an end in Europe.

Over 70 planes took part covering both the European and Pacific theaters in historical order including Wildcats, Hellcats, Flying Fortresses, the very last airworthy Helldiver in existence and also the leviathan B-29.

Flyby 10


Boeing B17’s flew in both their polished and painted guises.Flyby 11


Douglas C-47’s that dropped paratroopers on D-Day were there.

Flyby 12


Avenger Torpedo bomber (right) and the very last Helldiver flying (left)

Flyby 13


Vought Corsair with its unique gull wing construction.

Flyby 15


A polished and painted up A-26 Invader.

Flyby 14


Without a doubt the best noise of the day was provided by the pack of P-51 Mustangs, who kindly came in low to have their picture taken.

Flyby 9


P51s in loose formation

Flyby 8


The B-24 Liberator Heavy bomber.

Flyby 7


A P-38 Lightning which scored the most high profile kill in the Pacific when they shot down Admiral Yamamoto’s plane in 1943 over the Solomon Islands.

Flyby 6


On the left a Wildcat and on the right a Dauntless dive bomber, remembered for its destruction of four Japanese carriers at the battle of Midway.

Flyby 5


A Consolidated PBY Catalina which was used for scouting, sub hunting and search and rescue operations.

Flyby 4


B-25 Mitchell — known the world over for partaking in the “Doolittle” raid on Tokyo in 1942.

Flyby 3


Curtis P-40 Warhawks with their distinctive nose art.

Flyby 2


The last plane in the flyby was the B-29. The height of technology in 1945, it was the B-29 that would usher in the nuclear age over the skies of Hiroshima.

Flyby 16

The final flight was the “Missing Man” formation as an act of remembrance for all of the airmen who died in the skies during World War Two.

Flyby 1