Tucson Pays $100,001 To Innocent Co-Ed BRUTALLY ATTACKED By Sick Cop In Riot Gear

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The city of Tucson, Ariz. has agreed to pay $100,001 to a female student who was brutally pummeled by a police officer as she walked innocuously near the University of Arizona campus, reports the Arizona Daily Independent.

The settlement stems from a March 29, 2014 incident when students were slowly leaving packed bars after the Arizona Wildcats men’s basketball team lost a thrilling NCAA tournament game.

The cop, Sgt. Joel Mann, was one of a legion of officers deployed in full, pseudo-military riot gear. He wore a helmet and face shield.

In the video, Mann comes out of absolutely nowhere and violently pushes the woman, Christina Gardilcic, over a metal frame. She is smashed head over heels to the ground.

Gardilcic was wearing neither a helmet nor a face shield. She was wearing shorts.

A bystander captured the incident on video on a mobile phone. (You can watch the video below.) (RELATED: TYRANNY IN TUCSON: Cop In Riot Gear Brutally Attacks Innocent Girl)

In Gardilcic’s lawsuit, her attorney, Stephen M. Weeks, claimed she had suffered back spasms, bruises and mental anguish as a result of Mann’s use of excessive force, notes the Arizona Daily Star.

“We were just walking behind on the sidewalk and next thing I know I was just on a bench,” the student had told local ABC affiliate KGUN days after the incident. “My feet were…up in the air and I just got hit. It really happened very fast. I got up fast ’cause I was kind of in shock.”

A witness to the attack by Mann described the bizarre, SWAT-style situation from his own vantage point.

“The officer just rammed her and all of us guys around lost our shit,” the witness, Tyler Charles, told the Daily Independent.

All told, about 50 police officers showed up in riot gear after the NCAA tourney game. Numerous bystanders said the officers began to act with great hostility toward people in the vast, milling crowd — essentially starting the riot they were sent to prevent.

In a subsequent report, investigators lauded the police “overall” for choosing to bring an army of cops in riot gear to a post-bar scene in a college town because “the crowd was dispersed in a fairly short time frame with no significant injury or property damage.”

Under the terms of a settlement agreement with Gardilcic, the city of Tucson will pay court costs and attorneys’ fees in addition to the $100,001 settlement.

Mann, the cop who brutalized Gardilcic, was reassigned shortly after he roughed her up because of numerous anonymous threats made against him. (RELATED: Tucson Cop Who Randomly Slammed Woman To The Ground Not So Tough After Receiving Threats)

The sergeant with 18 years of experience still has a job after the brutal beatdown.

He was suspended for 80 hours (two weeks) without pay after the incident.

Meanwhile, Gardilcic has graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Gardilcic’s lawsuit against the city of Tucson, Mann and Tucson police department police chief Roberto Villaseñor had initially sought $375,000.

Villaseñor currently sits on President Barack Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, which is designed to build community trust after the riots in Ferguson, Mo. and America’s recent rise in anti-police sentiment. (RELATED: Police Chief Who Supervised Sick, Coed-Attacking Cop Now On Obama’s POST-FERGUSON Task Force)




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