Fournier: Clinton Campaign Believes ‘Trust Doesn’t Matter’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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National Journal editor Ron Fournier said on “Face the Nation” Sunday that one of the problems with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is that they’ve convinced themselves it doesn’t matter whether or not voters trust her.

“That’s what blows me away, they really don’t think this matters,” he said. “If you ask the Clinton people as I have, they will say not only does [the Clinton Foundation scandal] not matter, but trust doesn’t matter.” (VIDEO: Ron Fournier: Foundation Scandal Makes Clintons Look ‘Stupid And Sleazy’)

“They have convinced themselves because Bill Clinton did beat Bob Dole and did beat Bush with his trust numbers being worse than theirs, they’ve learned from that lesson that Hillary Clinton, her trust numbers can go down as they have in most polls and it doesn’t matter,” Fournier continued.

“I think they are wrong,” he concluded. “I think times have changed enough, she is not the kind of candidate he was, and mainly the times have changed in a way that transparency and accountability and integrity are really going to matter in this election and it’s not something she can just gloss over.”


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