Kathleen Parker: Fiorina’s Answered 200 Questions, ‘Hillary Clinton’s Answered Seven’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker said on “Meet the Press” Sunday that Carly Fiorina is a viable Republican presidential candidate, comparing her many press interviews to Hillary Clinton’s refusal to answer questions from reporter. (VIDEO: Fournier: Clinton Campaign Believes ‘Trust Doesn’t Matter’ )

“I think she acquitted herself very well with you. And she does that repeatedly. Every time I’ve seen her speak it’s been with great conviction,” Parker said.

“She is not afraid of the facts,” Parker continued. “Her campaign will tell you, she answered 200 questions just last week and Hillary Clinton answered seven in the entire scope of her campaign thus far.” (VIDEO: The New York Times Really Wants Hillary To Answer A Freaking Question)

“I’m not saying she is going to be the president,” she clarified. “I’m saying she is a viable candidate. She will get better and better as people know her.”


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