Jeb Bush: I Was ‘Deeply Troubled’ By Hillary Clinton’s Attack On Religious Liberty [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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In an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, former Republican Florida Gov. Jeb Bush slammed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for saying religious beliefs have to change to allow abortion, saying he was “deeply troubled.” (VIDEO: Jeb Bush: We Need Policy That ‘Shows Respect’ For Illegal Immigrants)

KELLY: So I listened to your speech today at Liberty University, and you focused a lot on faith and commitment to Christian conscience. Which was interesting, because just recently Hillary Clinton came out and said those who hold a deep-seated religious belief have to change them, that those religious beliefs need to be changed, in particular, to allow reproductive freedom for women. Your response to her?

BUSH: Look, it’s okay I guess in the secular work to be someone who is religious. But you can’t act on your faith, you can’t have a conscience and act on it? That was the basic purpose of this speech, was to say that in this incredible country of ours, we need enough space for people to be able to act on their faith.

And by the way, when they do, they do good. They feed the hungry, they take care of the homeless, they protect people, they love people. That’s the beauty of our heritage and our faith.

I was deeply troubled by Hillary’s statement that somehow, you have to put your faith and your convictions in some lockbox I guess, and not be able to act on them.

KELLY: That’s going to be the line, though, that Republicans who are social conservatives are looking to trample on women’s rights from abortion to contraception.

BUSH: I don’t think they’re right about that, but at the same time I don’t think it’s appropriate for people on the left or people that don’t have a guiding faith to be able to say to others, ‘Look, you can’t do anything.’

This is kind of the world we’re moving towards, that the First Amendment rights only exist for people that don’t have faith. I mean, if we reflect on this the right way, I think we’ll realize that we’re a big enough country to allow for the dissenting views on any subject.


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