Liberal CNN Guest: Radical Islam Is A ‘Made-Up Idea’ [VIDEO]

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Liberal commentator and “comedian” Dean Obeidallah said on “CNN Newsroom” Monday that radical Islam was a “made-up idea” that didn’t exist. (VIDEO: Krauthammer: Obama Refusal To Say ‘Radical Islam’ An ‘Absurd Word Game’)

During a segment on the (almost certainly plagiarized) SNL skit on the ‘Draw Mohammad’ controversy, host Carol Costello read for Obeidallah conservative commentator Erick Erickson’s take on the sketch:

History shows us over and over that the moment evil realizes you are scared of provoking it, you have provoked it into action. Islamic radicals, under the radar in our country, are now emboldened by the press reaction in Texas. Saturday Night Live’s skit last night was a perfectly humorous way to point out the absurdity of radical Islam’s refusal to let people draw Mohammed.

“Eric Erickson is known as a comedy commentator,” Obeidallah said. “You know, at Red State, I find his stuff very unintentionally funny often.” (VIDEO: CNN Guest: ‘Bigotry And Racism’ Behind Criticism Of Islam)

“I don’t think I can agree with Eric Erickson on anything, let alone this. The writers’ goal was not to make fun of radical Islam, this made-up idea,” he continued. “There are radical Muslims but this idea of ‘radical Islam–‘”

Unfortunately, Costello interrupted before he could finish his explanation of why radical Islam doesn’t exist. “I think he’s confusing two separate issues. Pamela Geller had the right to put that on… but you have to talk about exactly why she did it. The SNL skit did it but without the underlying hate, which made it much more powerful.”


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