Of Course: CNN Finds A Way To Insert Racism Into Zimmerman Shooting [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Even when “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman was shot at by white Matthew Apperson, the panel on CNN’s “Erin Burnett Outfront” Monday still managed to inject accusations of racism into the discussion.

Former attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family Natalie Jackson zeroed in on the lack of charges against Zimmerman or his shooter. “I think the important part here is to focus with what is going on today, and to focus on the fact that it seems as though race does matter when you’re looking at who is getting arrested, who is getting convicted of these crimes, and who is facing the punishment.”

“Jose, race; is it relevant?” host Erin Burnett asked defense attorney Jose Baez. (VIDEO: CNN Host Asks If Shooting Of Black Suspect By Black Cop Was Racially Motivated)

“Absolutely, absolutely,” he said. “You have a situation here where someone is not getting charged. If these were people of color, you would definitely see charges.”

His comment is odd because as a Hispanic, Zimmerman would traditionally fall under the catch-all “people of color.” But also because merely seconds later, he said he believed that Zimmerman’s attacker would face charges.

“Mind you, Mr. Apperson is facing under Florida law starting with 20 years in prison because of 10-20-life…” Baez said. “I believe that Mr. Apperson is going to get charged. I think he’ll be charged with attempted murder.” (VIDEO: CNN: Prison System Racist, ‘Akin To What Slavery Was’)


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