Students Split Over Racist BU Professor As University Walks The Line

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Saida Grundy was all set to start at Boston University in July as an associate professor of sociology and African American Studies, but her comments on race on social media may put that job in doubt.

Grundy, who is black, has sent a lot of tweets many BU students find racist and inappropriate for a professor to express. But other students defend Grundy on the grounds that they believe blacks can’t be racist.

What did Grundy’s tweets say?

Her account is now private, but the website captured them before they were made hidden.

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On the riot in Baltimore, the professor said it was just poor blacks trying to catch up to Wall Street and white America.

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She also commented on the revelation that Ben Affleck tried to hide an ancestor who was a slave owner by declaring every white person guilty.

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Professor Grundy also tweeted a “history lesson” on slavery.

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SoCawlege dissects Grundy’s statements, exposing how wrong her “history” actually is.

Many BU students have a problem with a professor coming to campus who clearly has a problem with much, if not all, of the non-black student body.

Ukrainian student Mariia Yelizarova told the Boston Herald, “BU is one of the most diverse schools in the country, and it actually has a lot of people who come from different backgrounds, and her tweets would just be exclusionary to a lot of those people.”

Junior Ava Mack said, “If I’m hiring a professor, I want someone who can relate to all students, all groups of people from all walks of life. It just seems to me that she is just not able to do that.”

There is support for professor Grundy on campus, however. The group People of Color Coalition is standing behind Grundy, as is junior Noor Toraif. Toraif told the Herald she doesn’t think Grundy is racist because she and other blacks can’t be. “I don’t think reverse racism against white folks is a thing,” claimed Toraif. “You need to have institutional and systemic power in order to be racist. People of color like Professor Grundy don’t have that. … I’m 100 percent supportive of her and excited for her to come to campus.”

For its part, Boston University released a statement on Grundy’s comments.

“While we recognize that Dr. Grundy has the right to hold and express personal opinions, BU does not condone racism or bigotry in any form, and we are offended by such statements,” said BU spokesman Colin Riley. The university made no indication as to what its next move may be.