Try Not To Laugh Watching ‘Sh*t Pats Fans Say About Deflate-Gate’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

It’s been a week since the NFL’s Wells Report claimed New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was “generally aware” of nefarious activity on the part of two Patriots locker room attendants.

Some people believe the report’s findings only present circumstantial evidence and that Brady should not be punished. (RELATED: Wells Report Offers No New Evidence Of Pats Wrongdoing, Busts Brady’s Balls Anyway)

Others, not so much. (RELATED: Keith Olbermann Thinks Brady Is A Dumb-Dumb Liar Pants And Should Be Suspended For A Year)

No matter your take on the situation, this story has officially overstayed its welcome. Brady will probably be suspended — my guess is 2-4 games — and it’s time to move on.

BBBBBUUUUUUTTTTT not before watching these Patriots fans crack one more round of jokes.


If you didn’t laugh while watching that, you’re doing it wrong.

[h/t: The Fumble]

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