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A Train Crashes And Reporters Just Want A Photo From A Former Congressman

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Bring on the guts and gore!

An Amtrak train has derailed near Philadelphia Tuesday night. Former Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Pa.) is on the train and tweeting about the ordeal.

“Pray for these passengers,” Murphy, now an MSNBC anchor, writes on Twitter.

And what do reporters want?

His phone number so they chat with him. His picture so they use it in their stories.

“@PatrickMurphyPA Hey, can you send me your phone number when you get a chance?” clamors Becky Bratu, an NBC News editor. “I want to talk to you”

Gee, thanks Becky.

We’ll get to those injured passengers right after Murphy gives you that interview. (What the f–k is WRONG with you?)

Adrienne Winston, an assignment editor with Washington’s ABC7, at least had the decency to remark on Murphy’s well-being before she went in for the journalistic kill.

“@PatrickMurphyPA glad you are doing okay sir, wuold it be alright if we used your photo?”

Priorities, Adriennne. Priorities!

Here are some other really sensitive journalists.

CBS Moneywatch producer Sammy Rose Been may get the win for hands down most insensitive journalist of the night: “Hi can CBS News use your photo for affiliates, international, web and network? Thanks!” A few moments later (an afterthought)…  “And we are hoping everyone is alright.”

Loose translation: Can we use your picture for four different platforms, and, oh yeah, hope nobody’s dead.

Eric Morrow: “Hey Pat. Glad you’re safe. Would you mind if WUSA used this photo?”

Ben Payne: “Hi Patrick please call us at 610-668-5701. Thanks, Ben Payne NBC 10 News.”

Vinny Vella (quite a fella): “Philly Daily News reporter here. Can we use your photo with our story?”

Murphy: “Hi can I use your photo .[sic]”

Bruce Gordon (Fox29): “When you can reach out to me- 215-837-1662.”

LAT‘s Lauren Raab: “When you have a moment: May the @latimes have permission to use this photo? Of course do what you need to do first.”

NYDN‘s Jason Mollinet: “@PatrickMurphyPA Can I use this photo, Patrick? NY Daily News.”

No doubt Murphy is going to stop helping the wounded to get these journalists their vital permission to use his photo. (And yes, this is sarcasm.)