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FL Man Not Charged With Shooting, Killing Attacker

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That’s what the following story is about. But it might not be what you think.

WFTX, Ft. Myers:

A man defended his life against a violent attacker. The attacker died. Should the man who was attacked be charged with his death?

I certainly don’t think so. He has the right to self-defense, no matter what color his skin is.

I’m not going to celebrate because Jehrardd Williams was forced to kill that guy. He’s not a hero. But he’s not a villain either. He’s just a man who did what he had to do.

There are two main differences between this guy and fellow Floridian George Zimmerman: The attack was caught on camera, and Williams is black. So there will be no media frenzy. Al Sharpton will have to look elsewhere for easy money and camera time. The world won’t judge Williams for defending his own life.

Condemning one of them but not the other is racist. That’s why I refuse to do it.

How about you?

[h/t: Dave Urbanski]