Is This Song About ‘The Real World’ And Snowflake Feminism By Oberlin’s College Choir? [VIDEO]

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Just when you thought students at the smallish hothouse of leftist folly that is Oberlin College couldn’t possibly be any dumber, they go and produce this YouTube video — and totally redeem themselves!

Okay. Probably not.

The two-minute-long video is entitled “The Oberlin College choir responds to the Christina Sommers controversy.” It features a song about the horrors of the cold, hard reality beyond the confines of the campus some 35 miles southwest of Cleveland.

Sommers, a feminist writer and former professor, is a resident American Enterprise Institute scholar who recently lectured at the school.

The lighthearted song humorously mocks the stance of radical feminists who insist that women are delicate butterflies who need “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” to deal with certain ideas.

“Please keep me from the real world,” the song goes, for example. “Where my parents pay and pay,” and “where other people have a say” and where people are allowed to have competitions and be mean.

A school official initially told The Daily Caller that actual Oberlin students created the song and the video.

“My understanding is that it was made by a group of students,” an Oberlin Conservatory of Music spokeswoman told The Daily Caller. “It is not an official production of Oberlin’s college choir.”

A few days later, however, Oberlin spokewoman Cathy Partlow Strauss contacted TheDC to say school officials “have since determined that there are no students who took part in the production of this choir piece attributed to the Oberlin College Choir.”


The Daily Caller has taken a keen interest in Oberlin College ever since Obama-loving leftist student Dylan Bleier and his sidekick Matt Alden allegedly circulated virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus “for the shock value.” Oberlin president Marvin Krislov called off school for a day and made a huge fuss, despite apparently knowing full well it was all a hoax. (RELATED: Meet The Privileged Obama-Supporting White Kids Who Perpetrated Cruel Oberlin Race Hoax)

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