Washington Post Clock Calculates Exactly How Long Ago Hillary Answered A Question

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Ever wonder exactly how long it’s been since Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has deigned to take a question from reporters? Well, The Washington Post’s The Fix blog has your back.

The Post’s Phillip Bump created a clock that calculates to the minute how long it’s been since Hillary Clinton has taken a question from the press. As of this writing, it’s been well over 30,000 minutes since Clinton last took a question. (VIDEO: WaPo Columnist: Fiorina’s Answered 200 Questions, ‘Hillary Clinton’s Answered Seven’)

“We have noted, as have others, that it has been three weeks since Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has answered a question posed to her by the press. (She’s been an official candidate for a month as of today),” Bump writes. “She’s happy to talk with screened attendees of her events — just not the media.”

The Post is hardly the first prominent national paper to take a shot at Clinton for her unwillingness to take questions. The New York Times has taken to publishing the questions that they would have asked, if they had the chance.

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