Cate Blanchett Just Revealed She Has A Bisexual Past

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Cate Blanchett threw one interviewer for a loop this week.


While promoting her latest film “Carol,” where she plays a bisexual woman, the interviewer asked a married Blanchett if this was her first time playing a lesbian.

“In film — or in real life?” Blanchett asked before “smiling coyly,” Variety reports. “Yes, many times.”

Cate Blanchett has lesbian past

Actresses Lily James (L) and Cate Blanchett arrive at the premiere of Disney’s “Cinderella. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Oscar winner and mother of four declined to elaborate further about her bisexual past, but said she is against labeling sexual orientations.

“I’ve never thought about it,” Blanchett said when asked about taking on a role where her lesbian character doesn’t come out.

“I think there are a lot of people that exist like that who don’t feel the need to shout things from the rafters.” (VIDEO: Cate Blanchett To Interviewer: ‘That’s Your F****** Question?!’)