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Personal Protection: Preventing The Attack And One Situation When You Must Fight Back

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By Ed Santos, The Shooting Channel

Many of you have asked for some personal safety tips.  So, I thought why not offer some generic considerations that may help keep you and your family safe.

Of course, if you have ever taken a defensive or CCW course from me you know I believe in the importance of situational awareness. The single most important thing you can do to keep yourself safe is to raise your level of awareness. We must understand that an attack can occur in almost any situation and for a variety of reasons.

Self-control is an often overlooked deterrent to violence or conflict.  Many fights or arguments begin as a result of someone saying something offensive, or stupid.  Advice a teacher gave me many years ago may just be the solution here, “Think before you speak.”

I am still amazed at how many people believe that as adults we fight “fair.” Trust me, we left those days behind when we graduated school.  As adults we are often subjected to multiple attackers with weapons. Speaking of weapons, keep an open mind.  Many very useful weapons can be found within your home or place of business.  Weapons of opportunity may just be your salvation.  Give some consideration to the items around you and think of how they may be used as a weapon. Items such as pens, rolled up magazines, keys, credit cards, wasp spray and other household items can be very effective.

Most attacks occur in diminished light.  Carry a quality flashlight at all times. Don’t be in dark and secluded places alone. If possible, try to always go with at least one other person or better yet, a group.  Never go to the restroom in a bar or restaurant alone. Avoid stairwells when alone and don’t be afraid to skip stepping into an elevator if the person inside makes you uncomfortable.

70% of convicted felons stated, “they would not have initiated their attack if their victim would have verbally expressed their willingness to resist.” Use your command voice.  If attacked in public, scream – yell and do it all with a loud deep voice.   Yell, “NO! Get away! Leave me alone!”  Don’t be afraid to swear, cuss loudly, or call the attacker ugly names. 

The mere thought of someone attempting to hurt you should make your blood boil.  If you can avoid trouble by all means do it.  If someone wants to bind you or take you away, it must end there.  Never allow anyone to abduct you.  If someone is willing to hurt you in a public place, think what they would do to you in a secluded place.

Bottom line, raise your level of awareness and refuse to be a victim.

Ed Santos is author of the books “Rule the Night Win the Fight” published 2008 and his latest “Low-Light Combatives” published 2013. He is the Owner/Founder of Center Target Sports, Inc. and Tactical Services Group. He teaches advanced firearm skills and Low-light training around the world and can be reached at

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