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Where In The World Is Sabrina R. Erdely?

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Rolling Stone is being sued for publishing a pack of lies. Whatever happened to the woman who wrote them?

Blake Neff reports:

A dean at the University of Virginia has filed a lawsuit against Rolling Stone, accusing the magazine and reporter Sabrina Erdely of defaming her in the now-withdrawn article about an alleged gang rape at the college.

Nicole Eramo, who works as UVA’s associate dean of students, says the magazine grossly misrepresented her actions when she was approached by a UVA undergrad, “Jackie,” who claimed to have been raped at a fraternity party in September 2012…

An investigation of Rolling Stone’s practices conducted by the Columbia School of Journalism produced a devastating critique of the magazine’s editorial practices, while a separate investigation by Charlottesville police found absolutely no evidence that the student, Jackie, had been raped in the manner described in the article.

Eramo is seeking $7.5 million.

Rolling Stone has withdrawn the story and issued a pseudo-apology. If Jann Wenner thought that was going to be enough, he’s sorely mistaken.

And whatever happened to Erdely? She was really starting to enjoy all the attention, right before the truth had to come along and ruin everything:

And then … she disappeared.

Here’s Erdely’s last public appearance from Nov. 29 of last year, right before her story imploded:

Caring about the truth is misogynist, because invariably it puts you at odds with feminists.

What a bitter irony: Erdely and her defenders are convinced that our society hates women. And to try to prove it, Erdely made up a bunch of lies about … a woman. A university dean, no less. Someone who would probably support Erdely’s cause, if Erdely hadn’t defamed her in front of the whole world.

I hope Eramo gets every penny of that $7.5 million. And I wish Sabrina Erdely the best of luck with her inevitable book about being a huge liar.

P.S. Let’s not forget the real victim here: The woman sitting next to Erdely in the above clip.

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to know that most people don’t want to be lied about.

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