Clintons Made A Whopping $25 MILLION Making Speeches Over 16 Months


Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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According to financial disclosures required by law, Bill and Hillary Clinton managed to make a whopping $25 million from speeches alone since January 2014.

Hillary was required by law Friday to file a personal financial disclosure statement to the Federal Election Commission for herself and her spouse. The disclosures also show Hillary raked in $5 million through sales of her book “Hard Choices.” (VIDEO: Bill Clinton: Clinton Foundation Has Never Done Anything ‘Knowingly Inappropriate’)

The Clintons didn’t exactly have to break a sweat to earn their millions. The couple has made a combined total of 104 speeches since then, averaging out to only 3.25 speeches a month each.

In one instance, Bill made $500,000 in one day by giving two speeches, one in Scottsdale, Ariz., and another by satellite. The next day, Bill made another $300,000 by travelling to California and giving a speech for tech giant Oracle. In 48 hours, Bill managed to earn over 15 times the median American household’s yearly income. (VIDEO: Fournier: Clinton Campaign Believes ‘Trust Doesn’t Matter’)

Politico notes that some speeches the Clintons have given don’t even appear on the disclosure form. “The long-awaited disclosure omits an unknown number of speeches the Clintons delivered while directing the payment or honoraria to the Clinton Foundation,” reporters Josh Gerstein and Louis Nelson note. “Despite instructions on the form and guidance from the Office of Government Ethics saying that honoraria directed to a charity should be reported.”

[h/t Politico]

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