CNN Panel: Voters Are Starting To Turn On ‘Entitled’ Hillary [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter

A panel on CNN’s “Wolf” tore into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s refusal to take questions from the press on Monday, saying that voters were beginning question the decision, and that it made her look “entitled.”

“She is willing to ignore some of the criticism, and she’s getting a lot of it,” CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny said. “It’s not just her Republican rivals, it’s also voters who are beginning to say, ‘Isn’t she going to answer our questions here?’” (VIDEO: CNN’s Jake Tapper: Unlike Hillary, Jeb Bush Is ‘Out There Taking Questions’)

“So many reporters are saying, ‘Why isn’t she answering questions?’” he continued later. “This becomes a problem when so many voters start saying it, and does this sort of feed into the idea that she’s being secretive and not being open enough.”

“Voters here in Iowa, Wolf, they have many questions for her. So voters here in Iowa have man questions for her. She can do this for a little while longer, but not much longer.” (VIDEO: CNN: Hillary’s Horrible Poll Numbers Are ‘The Equivalent Of A Five-Alarm Fire’)

CNN political analyst Gloria Borger agreed. “You don’t want to get the sense that you’re a candidate who plays by a different set of rules, when you have Republicans out there doing town halls, taking questions from the press, appearing on Sunday shows,” Borger said. “You know, then it looks like a little entitled and voters just don’t like it.”


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