Marquette U. Dumps Its Mural Venerating COP-KILLING TERRORIST Wanted By FBI

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On Sunday night, administrators at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis. removed a campus mural venerating Assata Shakur, a convicted cop killer who murdered a New Jersey state trooper and later broke out of jail. She escaped to Cuba — where she lives to this day.

The school-sponsored mural included several quotes including “No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them,” reports Fox News.

Tuition, fees and room and board cost at the private Jesuit school run $48,390 annually.

Before its destruction, the cop-killer mural was located at the Marquette Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, a “safe zone” “dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, dialogue, growth and empowerment around issues of gender and sexuality.”

Currently suspended Marquette professor John McAdams was primarily responsible for bringing media attention to the mural.

McAdams noticed its existence because people with the gender center “bragged about it” on Facebook, he told Fox News.

Marquette’s top-level bureaucrats swore they hadn’t known a thing about the mural.

“Our university’s senior leadership just became aware of a mural that was created and displayed in a remote area of campus,” a statement from Marquette’s administration explained. “This is extremely disappointing as the mural does not reflect the Guiding Values of Marquette University. It is being removed immediately. We are reviewing the circumstances surrounding the mural and will take appropriate action.”

According to Google Maps, this “remote area of campus” is the Alumni Memorial Union, a stone’s throw from Marquette’s iconic Chapel of the Holy Family.

Shakur, 67, was Joanne Chesimard before she gave herself her way cooler, revolutionary nom de guerre.

She was a member of the Black Liberation Army — a super-militant Black Panther offshoot — when she was convicted in 1977 of the 1973 murder of New Jersey State trooper Werner Foester.

On May 2, 1973, state troopers stopped Shakur and her radical accomplices. The radicals fired at the troopers. One officer was wounded. Foester died from a point-blank gunshot.

She successfully and daringly escaped prison in 1979 and fled to Cuba.

From Cuba, Shakur frequently writes critically of the United States.

Since 2005, the FBI has classified Shakur as a domestic terrorist. Two years ago, the FBI added her to the Most Wanted Terrorist List. She was the first woman ever on the list.

Many modern-day radical leftists continue to fetishize Shakur (along with fellow cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal).

In December, Marquette’s administration famously suspended McAdams, a tenured political science professor, and barred him from campus because he wrote a blog post criticizing a philosophy instructor who had refused to allow a conservative student to debate the topic of gay marriage in her classroom. (RELATED: Marquette Prof Suspended For Criticizing Liberal Colleague Who Quashed Gay Rights Debate)

Marquette sometimes makes the news because school officials also can’t decide if they want Marquette to be Catholic or on the cutting edge of masturbation and menstruation studies.

However, Marquette is most famous because two psychology professors, Stephen Franzoi and Debra Oswald, pronounced in 2012 that everyone who has ever called their daughters “princess” is sexist scum. (RELATED: Calling Your Daughter A Princess Is Sexist Now)

The FBI has been offering a reward of up to $1 million for information leading to Shakur’s arrest. The state of New Jersey is also offering a reward of up to $1 million.

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