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If You’re Tired Of Rape Hoaxes, These Posters Are For You

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Emma Sulkowicz. Lena Dunham. UVA’s “Jackie.” These days you can’t turn around without running into somebody who’s making a false claim of rape to get attention. And our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters applaud them. The truth doesn’t matter. The lives of the falsely accused don’t matter. Only the agenda matters.

If you’re as sick of these liars as I am, this will be a welcome sight:

I don’t know who’s behind the @FakeRape account, but I like his or her style. If the media won’t tell the truth, tell it directly to the people who need to hear it most:

They certainly should be. But if they were even capable of shame, they wouldn’t be working in academia.

In other Mattress Girl news, she screwed Columbia University really hard by carrying that stupid mattress during graduation. Ashe Schow at the Washington Examiner reports:

Allowing Sulkowicz to carry her mattress may have helped Nungesser’s case in court, as the school made clear that large objects were banned but then did nothing to stop Sulkowicz.

Nungesser’s lawyer, Kimberly Lau, told the Washington Examiner that Columbia’s acceptance of Sulkowicz’s graduation stunt was “absurd” and would help her client’s case.

“This goes beyond mere facilitation; they have now granted a special exception,” Lau said.

And the students who helped Sulkowicz certainly didn’t help Columbia either:

Good luck to their future employers. They’re gonna need it.