Iowa Democrats Can’t Name One Clinton State Dept Accomplishment [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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When asked by Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin, a panel of 10 Iowa Democrats couldn’t name a single accomplishment of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton when she served as secretary of state.

“What did she accomplish that you consider significant as secretary of state?” Halperin asked one panelist, in a video that aired on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Wednesday.

“As secretary of state?” the panelist repeated, before sighing and shaking his head. “I really can’t name anything off the top of my head.” (VIDEO: State Department Spox Struggles To Explain Hillary’s Private Emails)

“Give me a minute,” said another, when asked the same question. “Give me two minutes — to go somewhere else!”

“Christina, can you think of something she accomplished as secretary of state that impressed you, or is important?” Poor Christina sat in silence for 10 seconds before admitting she couldn’t.

A young college-aged man made the best pitch. “She’s been in high offices for about 20 years now. I mean, it’s either that, or it’s going to be Scott Walker, you know, taking away — destroying America’s unions.” (VIDEO: Walker: Clintons Believe ‘There’s A Different Set Of Rules’ For Them)

“She’s not perfect,” he admitted. “But she’s been in the eye for a long time, been in the public’s eye, and you’re going to have some stuff on her. But she has good policies and she knows who to get stuff done.”


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