James O’Keefe Confronts TSA Agent Drinking Out Of Bag While Driving [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Larry Downing

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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In his latest video, investigative filmmaker James O’Keefe tailed a Transportation Security Administration agent who was allegedly drinking and driving on the streets of New York City.

In the video, obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, O’Keefe pulls up next to the uniformed agent, who is driving a minivan with another man in the passenger seat.

The agent is seen taking a drink from a bottle surrounded by a black bag.

When O’Keefe asks the agent if he was drinking and driving, both he and the passenger deny it.

“He’s not drinking alcohol,” said the agent’s passenger.

“That’s not me drinking alcohol,” the agent said.

“That’s from before. That’s not me drinking a beverage,” the agent said as he drove off.

As O’Keefe notes in the video, if the agent was drinking and driving, that would undermine the agency’s stated mission of “protect[ing] the nation’s transportation systems.”

The Daily Caller could not independently confirm that the TSA agent in O’Keefe’s video was drinking alcohol and driving.

Through Project Veritas, O’Keefe produces short films and documentaries aimed at exposing government and academic fraud and malfeasance. He is credited with helping bring down the community organizing group, ACORN.

He recently published videos in which administrators at various colleges appeared to support students who wanted to form an on-campus group to provide support to ISIS and other terrorist organizations.


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