Limbaugh Rips ‘Public Buffoon’ Chris Christie: ‘Does This Guy Not Know He’s Not Popular Anymore?’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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While discussing the early stages of the GOP 2016 field Wednesday, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh openly wondered why Chris Christie is contemplating a presidential run while receiving low marks among those in his own state.

Limbaugh ripped into the New Jersey governor, asking if Christie doesn’t “know he’s not popular anymore” with residents of the Garden State, while calling him a “public buffoon.” The conservative radio giant pointed to a Wednesday editorial in the Newark Star-Ledger, which tore Christie apart for losing “touch with reality.”

“A scathing editorial today on Governor Christie, just scathing. Does this guy not know that two-thirds of the people of this state now don’t like him?” Limbaugh asked. “Does this guy not know he’s not popular anymore? Does this guy not know he has become a public buffoon? Does this guy not know that the people of New Jersey are not dazzled by the act anymore?”

“It’s just vicious, and it makes the point that Christie’s so out of touch with real people, he doesn’t know how unpopular he really is,” Limbaugh said. “But that’s what’s going on with Christie.”

Limbaugh went on to give high marks to Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Ted Cruz, along with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who the host has spoken highly of in particular, saying the trio are the three hottest candidates in the 2016 field at the moment.