Waco Cops Say They’ve Found 1,000 Weapons At Breastaurant After Biker Brawl

Scott Greer Contributor
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Police in Waco, Texas, declared on Wednesday that they have recovered over a thousand weapons from the property of a self-styled breastaurant that was the site of a bloody Sunday gun battle between rival motorcycle gangs.

The weapons cops found at the Twin Peaks restaurant included everything from chain locks to high-powered assault rifles — and the police discovered them in some unusual places.

“We found weapons hidden under bags of flour, in bags of chips, we found a handgun stuffed inside the toilet, we found and AK-47 in a vehicle in the parking lot and even so much as found body armor,” Waco Police segeant Patrick Swanton stated at a Wednesday press conference outside the restaurant, according to the Houston Chronicle.

This number is significantly larger than the 100 weapons originally reported as the total number of weapons confiscated in the aftermath of the brawl that left nine dead and 18 wounded.

Swanton went on to condemn the bikers who started the melee in his statement.

“This isn’t your church-going crowd that came out to have dinner with the family. This is gang oriented criminal element that was in our city to conduct criminal activity,” the police sergeant said. “The majority of those individuals arrested who shot, stabbed, killed were not even from our community.”

According to Swanton, the amount of weapons found at Twin Peaks “shows the level of violence that they thought was going to go on here and knew most likely would occur.”

The restaurant where the bikers battled was stripped of its prized Twin Peaks franchise on Monday. The chain is known for its scantily-clad waitresses and log cabin-like decor. The Waco affiliate had a bikini contest scheduled for Wednesday before the shooting closed down its business and corporate revoked its brand.