Iowa Cops Consider Action Against Reporter For Speeding To Keep Up With Hillary’s Motorcade

Scott Greer Contributor
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Iowa’s Department of Public Safety is upset with one reporter for speeding up to catch Hillary Clinton’s motorcade in the state this week, but is seemingly unconcerned that the former secretary of state’s vehicle was going well over the mandated speed limit.

According to a Breitbart report published Thursday, a law enforcement official told the outlet that the department is considering taking action against the Daily Mail’s David Martosko for pursuing Clinton at a high rate of speed, citing video allegedly recorded of Martosko’s speedometer that was posted in a Monday Mail article.

“We are aware of this video which creates concern for public safety because the individual taking the video was traveling at a noticeably high rate of speed, far over the posted speed limit, which raises concerns and puts the safety of the motorcade, dignitary and all motorists in jeopardy,” Alex Murphy, a spokesman for the Iowa Department of Public Safety, told Breitbart.

“Of greatest concern is the sudden acceleration of an unknown vehicle, speeding toward a clearly marked motorcade, which can be an indication of immediate danger to a protected person,” Murphy added.

The law enforcement official, according to Breitbart, failed to, at any point, to criticize Clinton’s motorcade for violating speeding laws and focused all of his wrath on the “unknown vehicle” reportedly driven by Martosko.

“These types of dangerous driving behavior by amateurs may well result in law enforcement action,” Murphy reiterated.

The speed of Clinton’s motorcade allegedly hit 95 mph several times in its Monday trip from Mason City to Waterloo, Iowa, which is 30 miles over the standard state limit of 65 mph and would be considered a serious offense under state law.

Martosko, formerly The Daily Caller’s executive editor, declined to comment.