Nikon’s Newest Toy Lets You See The World Through Your Dog’s Eyes [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Between iPhones and Instagram, almost every aspect of people’s daily lives are cataloged and displayed for the whole world to see.

Now, thanks to the “Heartography” project from Nikon, you can also see the world through the eyes of your favorite furry companion, except for … you know … the color-blind part.

From Quartz:

Nikon 3D-printed a custom case for one of its cameras that can be strapped around a dog to take photos from a dog’s-eye view. According to Nikon’s site, the case is connected to a heart-rate monitor strap, like the ones runners use to track their heartbeat. When the dog’s heart rate spikes, the case snaps a photo.

The photos Nikon’s test dog took aren’t terrible — no worse than the average human’s incidental snaps—so presumably we could soon see Instagram feeds full of canine-captured pictures of cats, food, and anything else that catches dogs’ attention. Dogs, however, do seem to get excited by just about everything—from their owners, to babies, to snow and the ocean — so it’ll be interesting to see if Nikon’s camera would run out of storage space before the average dog runs out of energy.


Hooray, for science!

[h/t: Intern Anna, Quartz]

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