Steyn To Obama: Forget About Climate Change Refugees, What About Syrian Refugees? [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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With Ramadi under ISIS control, Mark Steyn tore apart President Barack Obama Thursday for focusing on climate change instead of the terror group’s threat during his Wednesday speech to the Coast Guard.

Appearing on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” Steyn slammed Obama for telling the academy’s graduates that not combating climate change “endangers [U.S.] national security, telling Hewitt that Obama is “fiddling with the temperature data while Ramadi burns.”

HUGH HEWITT: Did you see…Ramadi not only fell, but the Jihadists have pushed out something like 10 kilometers beyond that. It appears as though Baghdad is encircled.

MARK STEYN: Yeah, I mean, it’s incredible. And the level of denial going on by the United States government — because it’s not just the president but it goes all the way down. The United States adopted a strategy that cannot win. These desultory, ineffectual airstrikes — it cannot win. So it embarked on a war that it could only lose. So this time last year when ISIS took Mosul, that was when America’s back was turned. Then America assembled this 60 nation coalition and ISIS took Ramadi. So, in other words, instead of just rampaging a barren bit of territory, ISIS will be able to claim they defeated the great Satan. And insofar as anybody reverses ISIS, it’s going to be Iran, and it’s absolutely incredible to me that the global super power has embarked on a strategy that can only ensure that it is perceived as having lost to a rag-tag bunch of head choppers.

HEWITT: And we have the juxtaposition of the president going to the Coast Guard Academy and lecturing those young officers to be that their — global warming is their #1 concern, and the Ayatollah Khamenei going to Iman Hussein Military University in Tehran to announce that inspections, they will not occur at any military center and we’re not going to be allowed to talk to their nuclear scientists. The juxtaposition is amazing.

STEYN: One of these guys is living in the real world and dealing with reality, and the other isn’t. And the president’s words were actually — aside from the fact that they’re completely preposterous, the president’s words were just in the most ghastly bad taste when he’s telling these guys that thee main challenge they’re going to have to face in their careers is the threat of climate refugees when there — just this week, in the three days, four days since ISIS took Ramadi, there are 100,000 refugees streaming west toward Baghdad because of him! There’s not going to be any climate change refugees! The climate change refugees at the moment: Zero. None. Zip. There aren’t any. But there’s 100,000 refugees streaming towards Baghdad to add to the millions who’ve come from Syria and Iraq, destabilized Jordan. In Libya, they’re getting on boats and they’re going toward Italy and Greece, and ISIS is putting little jihadist boys onto those boats so they can to Italy and Greece and disperse around Europe. These are real refugees, and he’s telling the United States Coast Guard that the main challenge of their careers is going to be climate refugees. This guy is bonkers. He’s fiddling with the temperature data while Ramadi burns!