Hillary Discussed Speculation About Her Health With Aides In Emails

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed with aides the chatter on cable news about whether she actually suffered a concussion in 2012, according to emails released by the State Department on Friday.

A week before she was to testify before Congress in December 2012 about the attacks in Benghazi, Clinton postponed her appearance with aides explaining she had fainted and suffered a concussion.

On Dec. 20, chief of staff Cheryl Mills forwarded Clinton by email a transcript of Fox News host Greta Van Susteren discussing Clinton’s health with Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain.

“Senator,” Van Susteren said during that segment, “there is a report from the State Department that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will testify on Benghazi before the middle of January. There has been some criticism of whether or not she has a concussion. I believe she has a concussion. What do you think?”

McCain replied: “I have never seen her back down. And I believe that she is now not physically well enough to testify and she will testify the middle of January.”

Mills sent a transcript of that interview to Clinton’s personal email — hrod@clintonemail.com — and to close aide Huma Abdein.

Speaking of McCain, Clinton replied: “Huma called him and [South Carolina Sen. Lindsey] Graham.”

“Also,” Clinton added, “someone should call Greta VS to thank her for ‘knowing the truth.’”

The emails released Friday, ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, are a few of the thousands the Democratic presidential candidate has turned over to the State Department from her personal email account. Clinton acknowledges she used that email account for both personal and official business.

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