Parents Livid After Kindergarten Visitor Shows Naked Photos Of Herself Right There In Class

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A woman showed up unannounced to a kindergarten class in Tulsa, Okla. and projected full-on nude photos of herself for the whole class of five- and six-year-old kids to see.

The nude photos fracas happened on Tuesday at Owen Elementary School. By Tuesday afternoon, Owen Elementary principal Erica Foshee-Moore had alerted parents via a letter dated May 19, reports Tulsa Fox affiliate KOKI-TV.

As the letter explained, the unidentified woman who appeared in her birthday suit is a relative of a student in the class. (Foshee-Moore does not elaborate on the exact familial relationship.)

The reason for the woman’s surprise visit was to show the kindergartners photos she had taken during an April field trip to the zoo. The photos were stored on the woman’s mobile phone. She had been a chaperone for the zoo field trip.

The teacher, Ms. Hutson, connected the woman’s phone to the interactive whiteboard in the kindergarten classroom.

Along with pictures of zoo animals and what not, the students in Ms. Hutson’s class also saw the female classroom visitor totally, completely in the buff.

Some parents aren’t happy.

Mother Kristen Ross said her daughter came home confused.

“I had to convince her that she wasn’t in trouble and that she hadn’t done anything wrong,” Ross a KOKI reporter. “I asked her what part of the body she had seen and she pointed down toward her lap.”

Ross said she believed her daughter shouldn’t have to deal with seeing such imagery at a taxpayer-funded public school.

Foshee-Moore, the principal, advised parents in her letter that they “will likely hear about” the incident “from your child and may get questions from them.” She also noted that the display of nudity was “very brief” and “not displayed full-screen.”

Administrators have officially banned the woman from school property.

“We are extremely sorry for any distress this may have caused your child,” the principal’s missive concludes.

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