Kasich Categorically Rules Out Vice Presidential Run: ‘Forget It!’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Republican Ohio Gov. and potential Republican presidential candidate John Kasich categorically ruled out joining a Republican ticket as the vice presidential nominee. (RELATED: John Kasich ‘Optimistic’ About Getting Into Presidential Race)

“Let me ask you… you’re from Ohio, you won big there,” guest host Jon Karl noted. “If you’re not the nominee, you’re going to be looked at as a possible vice presidential candidate.”

“Forget it!” Kasich responded.

“Would you do it?”

“Forget it!” he repeated.

“Really?” asked an incredulous Karl. “No way?”

“Forget it, Jon!” he responded. “I don’t play for second. If I’m in this thing–”

But Karl still didn’t buy it. “I’m going to save this tape, Governor Kasich and we’ll be back when it all happens.” (RELATED: Fox News Limits First Republican Presidential Debate To Ten Candidates)

“Don’t count me out, Jon,” Kasich warned.


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