Arizona Woman Who Ran Over Husband With A Jeep For Not Voting Romney Gets 3.5 Years

REUTERS/Mike Blake

Scott Greer Contributor
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One Arizona woman may have taken the slogan “Vote or Die” literally when she ran over her husband with the family Jeep back in November 2012 after she found out he failed to cast his ballot for Mitt Romney in that year’s presidential election.

On Thursday, Holly Nicole Solomon was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for running over her now-ex husband Daniel Solomon, who fortunately survived the ordeal.

The whole incident stemmed from a furious argument the couple had in the Jeep on Nov. 10, 2012 after Solomon discovered her better half hadn’t bothered to vote earlier that month. This greatly upset her, as she believed the re-election of Obama would cause great “hardship” for her family, The Arizona Republic reports.

The argument soon became physical after the husband got out of the Jeep in a Mesa, Arizona parking lot. Solomon then took over the vehicle and began chasing her significant other. Mr. Solomon then took cover behind a light pole, prompting his irate wife to circle around the fixture. Eventually, she was able to strike him as he made a break for it from the safety of the parking lot pole, pinning him between a curb and the commandeered vehicle’s underside, according to the police report.

Police soon arrived on the scene and arrested Solomon. Her husband suffered a fractured pelvis from the parking lot rampage and now has a permanent, foot-long scar as a result of the incident.

The wife claimed to police that she was only trying to scare her fleeing man and the vehicular assault was caused by her accidentally hitting the Jeep’s accelerator.

In court, Solomon stated the whole affair was caused by an episode of mental illness and that she has no memory of it.

“I want to apologize. I still don’t have memories of that day,” Solomon tearfully said during her sentencing hearing, according to the Arizona Republic. “I have been very sick and I am getting better.”

Her ex-hubby was less than enthused by this and said he has emotional wounds, in addition to his lingering physical scars, from the parking lot chase.

“Learning to trust people, to love again is going to be very difficult for me,” he said during the same hearing.