Another Texas Resident Arrested For Supporting Islamic State

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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A Texas resident was charged with conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS, the Justice Department announced Tuesday. This is the second arrest in Texas of an individual who showed support of the Islamic State in a little over a week.

According to the DOJ, Asher Abid Khan, a 20-year-old man, was arrested and taken into custody in the morning without incident. The complaint against Khan says that he and a friend set up a plan to go to Turkey and then Syria to wage jihad on behalf of ISIS.

Khan had allegedly requested of his terrorist contact in Turkey, “I wana [sic] join ISIS can you help?”  Additionally, the DOJ claims he also told another person, “I wana [sic] die as a Shaheed [martyr].”

With the help of the Turkish terrorist source and Khan, Khan’s friend went to Syria and joined ISIS. Khan was in Australia and lived with family, before he eventually traveled to Istanbul to meet his friend and joined ISIS. His family in Texas, though, tricked Khan to return to Texas, deceptively telling him his mother was sick.

Khan is facing 15 years in prison if convicted and a conviction has a potential $250,000 fine. He is expected to appear before Judge Frances H. Stacy in the Southern District of Texas.

Last week, Texas resident Bilal Abood was arrested for pledging support to ISIS and lying to the FBI about it. He faces up to eight years in prison, reports say.

The arrests come on the heels of the Texas Garland Mohammed art contest that resulted in law enforcement killing jihadis who planned to shoot up the event.