Khem Kardashian: Kylie Jenner Believes In One Of The Dumbest Conspiracy Theories Ever

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Kylie Jenner posted a tweet Monday asking questions in reference to chemtrails, a conspiracy theory that those white lines in the sky aren’t condensation after all but actually the government spraying tiny streams of harmful biological agents designed to make people sick and control their minds.

The graphic is littered with grammatical errors and raises questions like “Why did I see 75 planes spraying white stuff into the sky on my 15 minute drive to work?” and “WHO THE F#*% THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?”

It was sent out to the teen’s nine million followers.


When one person said he would pay $25,000 to hear the 17-year-old give a TED talk about chemtrails, she responded and said she would actually do it.

In reality, the conspiracy theory is easily debunked.

The trails are only formed when the damp exhaust from a jet meets cold air in the upper-atmosphere, turning it into thin cirrus cloud, so no need for that TED talk after all, Kylie. (RELATED: Kylie Jenner On Bruce’s Transition: ‘I Feel Like I Go Through These Times Where I Hate My Life’)