Al Sharpton Asks If God Is Punishing Texas With Torrential Rains, Flooding

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Don’t worry, Al Sharpton is “just keeping it real.”

The civil rights activist, tax evader, and frequent White House visitor invited listeners of his talk radio show to weigh in on the pressing question:

So far, 13 Texans and six others in Oklahoma have died as a result of severe storms and torrential flooding that has gripped the state this month. Dozens more are missing.

“Talking about the weather,” Sharpton said on his syndicated show.

“All of the storms, the tornadoes, the flooding in Texas. Is this a rebuke from God, which many callers said today it is. And others are saying it is just a natural result of man using fossil fuels and abusing the environment — and it’s climate change, global warning. We’ve done it to ourselves.”

Notably, Sharpton left no room for a third explanation: that the storms and flooding are just a particularly severe turn in the natural weather cycle.

While it is obvious why Sharpton adopted the common liberal talking point that climate change is to blame for the extreme weather, it is unclear why he believes it’s possible God would be punishing Texas. Given Sharpton’s radical politics, he likely thinks the state’s deep conservatism is to blame.

A call placed to the phone number Sharpton listed was not answered.

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