Limbaugh Rails Against DOJ: Why Go After FIFA And Let Clintons ‘Off The Hook?’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In the wake of the arrest of several top FIFA officials, Rush Limbaugh questioned Wednesday why the Department of Justice is going after FIFA and letting the Clintons “off the hook.”

Initially, Limbaugh equated the FIFA official’s actions to their likeminded comrades at the Olympic committee, pointing to the alleged “bribery and payoffs” going on. The radio host went on to tie the Clintons into the ongoing mess.

“I mean, it was obviously graft and fraud and payoffs from the get-go. This is what these types of guys have been known for. It’s like the Olympic committee. You know, you read what FIFA did, setting up what happened in the World Cup in Brazil and you swear you’re reading about the Olympics and the way they assign — I mean, you can’t tell me that bribery and payoffs are not going on,” Limbaugh said. “The Clinton Crime Family Foundation is evidence of what goes on around the world and how the Clintons think you have to deal with it.”

“But I’m not joking about this. I mean, if you’re gonna investigate these FIFA guys, how do you let the Clinton Foundation off the hook?” Limbaugh wondered. “They’re selling influence. ”

The conservative radio host went on to point out connections emerging between FIFA and the Clinton Foundation, who received between $50,000 and $100,000 from the football governing body.

“Now, what in the world is FIFA doing donating to the Clintons?” Limbaugh asked. “Now, remember, this is the Obama Justice Department telling us that FIFA is nothing but rife corruption and graft and theft and fraud, and they’re in business with the Clintons. Why is FIFA giving money to the Clintons? Is Hillary known for playing soccer or loving soccer?  Is Bill known for loving soccer?  It’s clear, the FIFA guys — this is how they do business.”