Nothing To See Here, Just Some Guys Skydiving Into A Live-Freaking-Volcano [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Jumping out of a plane takes a whole lot of guts, but the jump the Red Bull Skydive Team just pulled off was one of the ballsiest stunts I’ve ever seen.

When it comes to sky-diving, the stakes are already pretty high, as in… like… death.

Still, the trio of Georg Lettner, Dominic Roithmair, and Marco Fürst decided to heat things up a bit and perform a flight over Mount Bromo in Indonesia, which — for the uninitiated — happens to be a live volcano. (RELATED: Bros Base-Jumping Off 2nd Tallest Building On Earth Looks Like A Whole Mess Of Fun)

These guys might be crazy, but they definitely know how to get some amazing footage.


[h/t: Bro Bible]

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