Rick Santorum Ditches Sweater Vest, Absent From Campaign Store

Al Weaver Reporter
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From the look of things, winning the Iowa caucuses and 11 states overall in 2012 obviously wasn’t good enough for Rick Santorum to keep the sweater vest around.

After making the it part of his shtick four years ago ahead of the Iowa caucuses, the former Pennsylvania senator is seemingly ridding himself of the item, with it being absent from his campaign’s official store.

While fans of the sweater vest must be bummed, Santorum’s decision may have implications on fundraising after the product helped raise $300,000 during his 2012 primary run.

“Amazing thing that sweater vest. It happened on a night I was doing an event for Mike Huckabee in Des Moines. I showed up and everybody was in shirts and ties, and I showed up in a sweater vest,” Santorum said during his concession speech in 2012.

“Turned out I gave a pretty good speech that night, and all of a sudden the Twitterverse went wild, saying it must be the sweater vest,” he added.

While Santorum supporters will not be able to don the vest, they can still get their own Santorum 2016 apparel, including t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies. Here’s a look at the new Santorum apparel and some other available trinkets:

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