Ron Paul Petition Fights Mitch McConnell, Despite Rand’s Alliance

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Ron Paul’s libertarian activist organization Campaign for Liberty is running a petition to oppose Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s push to renew the Bush administration’s USA Patriot Act surveillance programs.

Though the group is coming out in support of Sen. Rand Paul’s efforts to block the renewal, the petition does not mention that Rand Paul endorsed his fellow Kentucky senator McConnell’s re-election, or that McConnell surprisingly endorsed Rand Paul’s presidential candidacy.

But on the Patriot Act, the Paul-McConnell friendship is nowhere to be found.

“Last week, Campaign for Liberty stood with Senator Rand Paul and thwarted attempts to extend expiring provisions of the “Patriot” Act,” Campaign for Liberty said in an email Wednesday.

“The statists are working furiously behind the scenes to get the votes necessary to overcome Senator Paul’s filibuster and ram their surveillance state reauthorization into law during a special session this Sunday evening,” the email read. “In order to beat back the statists, we must redouble our efforts.”

So please sign your “I Object!” Citizen’s Objection to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and your U.S. Senators,” the email continued.

Sen. Rand Paul continues to fight the Patriot Act’s extension, through filibusters and other means.

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