Ed Henry On Hillary’s Media Access: Reporters ‘Not Supposed To Be Potted Plants’

Al Weaver Reporter
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Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry pushed back against Hillary Clinton’s dealings with the press corps, saying Wednesday that reporters are “not supposed to be potted plants” at her events.

Henry made the comments on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” after covering Clinton’s event in Columbia, S.C. Wednesday afternoon.

“As reporters we’re not supposed to be potted plants just sitting through politician’s events, listening to their talking points, and then letting them leave without asking either about issues of the day, substantive issues like, for example, the fact the Hillary Clinton has still not taken a position on this [Trans-Pacific] trade deal that President Obama…is pushing so hard for as a legacy item,” Henry said.

“The bottom line for me is we’re reporters, we’re not stenographers,” Henry told Hewitt. “We should be pressing Democrats and Republicans and not just be potted plants. And if there’s an appropriate moment after she’s done talking to sort of jump in and interrupt, I think it’s fair to do it.”

The FNC reporter made news last week when he tried to ask Clinton a question midway through an event in Iowa, only to be shot down by the former secretary of state.