Mark Levin: ‘I Don’t Know How Hillary Hasn’t At Least Served Some Time In Prison’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Mark Levin really has no idea how Hillary Clinton has avoided jail time after all of these years in the public eye.

Appearing on “Hannity” Thursday night, the conservative talk show firebrand lit up Clinton, wondering how she “hasn’t served some time in prison” given the background of her husband and herself. Levin added that the GOP needs to nominate the “most conservative” candidate, like Ronald Reagan, in order to win back the White House.

“Well, the guy who ran the table was the most conservative Republican nominated for president in modern American history. Maybe history period. That’s what we need to do,” Levin said of Reagan and the GOP’s 2016 candidates. “I’m not happy with the candidates. There’s too damn many of them. But that said, I can’t control it, and neither can anybody else.”

“But I do think we conservatives are going to have to rally behind one or two or three relatively quickly or the RINO’s are going to pick us off, as they did with McCain and Romney and hope to do with Jeb Bush, among others,” Levin added.

“On the Democrat side, this is amazing to me. I don’t know how Hillary Clinton hasn’t served some time in prison, given her background and what she’s done,” Levin told Hannity. “Now they’ve set up this front group to loan their money through so the sources of the money wouldn’t be known, that Bill Clinton receives. There’s so much graft and corruption and sleaze in this family and what they do, and yet, apparently, that’s the definition of the Democrat Party. She is, right now, take the goofball from Vermont, she’s right now the only, so-called, serious candidate the Democrats have.”