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Mirror Hate Mail: Reader Will Ask A Priest To Pray For Me

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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It appears a reader is going to take his frustrations about me to a man of the cloth.

Thank God.

For a few days now, a Twitter follower who goes by the handle @DizzyMedia (go figure) has been up in arms that I would ask USA Today why it hasn’t issued a retraction for running a totally bogus, sloppy story on CNN’s Jake Tapper being involved with the Clinton Foundation — he has no scandalous involvement, he’s interviewing former President Clinton in his capacity as a journalist.

But USA Today‘s deputy editorial page editor Dave “Nastio” Mastio can’t handle being wrong. He’s also a little sexist.

But I digress.

Dizzy Media’s logic knows no bounds.

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I pointed out that yes, George Zimmerman is guilty of murder and that USA Today is guilty of printing fiction and calling it opinion. Kind of apples and oranges, really.

The squabbling went on from there.

The Mirror: I’m sure you think O.J. was innocent too. He was also acquitted, by the way.

Dizzy Media: O.J. Simpson is not emblematic of acquitted men. You and I affirm existence of blood and bloody glove which jury ignored.

And then Dizzy went all out and accused me of something really sinister.

“@betsyscribeindc would condone shooting assailants if she had been shoved to cement and brutally injured as were @GZlegalCase and I. @AP”

I replied, “Oh stop your nonsense. You don’t know what I would condone or what I wouldn’t. What I do condone is you SHUTTING UP.”

This is when Dizzy got spiritual.

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And my new colleague, Evan Gahr, jumped into the fray.

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