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The DC Metro Is Worried About #NotAllMuslims

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Islam is the religion of peace. That’s why the DC Metro is afraid that a Muslim will start killing people if he sees a depiction of Mohammed.

Josh Fatzick:

Officials in Washington, D.C. have banned all issue-related advertisements on public transportation after a woman wanted to place a picture of the Prophet Muhammad in an advertisement.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative organized the “Draw Muhammad” event that saw two terrorists gunned down by police earlier this month in Texas, and wanted to put the winning drawing on advertisements on city buses and in train stations…

According to WMATA guidelines, its advertising venues constitute a designated public forum, which means it can place few restrictions on speech, but “reasonable time, place and manner restrictions are acceptable.”

Islamic terrorism is nothing to worry about. That is, as long as you don’t do or say anything that might provoke a Muslim. Just do as you’re told and nobody will get hurt.*

As with all Islam-related controversies, the real victims here are Muslims. I’d like to reach out my hand in solidarity to them in this difficult time:

Hi there. You and I aren’t so different, are we? I don’t hate you, just because a tiny handful of your co-religionists keep doing awful things in the name of Allah. And I know you don’t hate me, just because you always manage to make it about you whenever Islamic terrorists attack people.

But not everyone is as sensitive and caring and understanding as I am. Some people think they should be able to mock the Prophet, just because they don’t believe in Him. They labor under the misconception that the United States Constitution overrides the Koran, just because they believe in one but not the other. They think their hate speech is free speech.

They think they get to say things you don’t like, even though you don’t like the things they say.

Don’t be afraid. I’m here.


*This doesn’t apply to Christians, of course. Mock Jesus all you want. What are they gonna do, kill you?


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