Limbaugh On Bernie’s Iowa Rise: ‘Sex Scandals Are Resume Enhancements’ For Dems [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh brushed aside Sen. Rand Paul’s Patriot Act opposition, arguing Monday that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ rise in Iowa is the biggest news of the weekend.

The conservative radio host made the claim saying the main reason is the unearthing of the Vermont senator’s 1972 rape fantasy essay, saying that “sex scandals are resume enhancements” for Democrats.

LIMBAUGH: Rand Paul’s not the big story. Scott Walker is the story in Iowa. Scott Walker and Bernie Sanders and, whats his name, O’Malley are. The big story: the rally that Bernie Sanders had in Iowa has got everybody nonplussed. Nobody can figure it out. I have. I know exactly why the left is going nuts after Bernie Sanders. For one thing, sex scandals are resume enhancements in the Democrat Party. They always have been, and Bernie’s got a little bit of a sex scandal going with that memo — his 50 Shades of Grey impersonation that he did. His ruminations about what men are doing when they’re doing other things, and what women secretly want when men are doing it to them. That kind of stuff enhances Democrats. Look at Bill Clinton. It didn’t get him in trouble.