CNN’s Gloria Borger: Voters Give Hillary ‘Benefit Of The Doubt’ For ‘Being A Woman’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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CNN’s chief political analyst Gloria Borger said on “Wolf” Monday that a recent CNN poll shows that because of her gender, voters give Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton the benefit of the doubt on questions about whether she represents the past. (VIDEO: Pelosi: Hillary’s Votes Don’t Matter. What’s Important Is She’s A Woman)

“We asked the question, ‘Hillary Clinton represents the past or the future…’” Borger reported. “51 percent — even though she’s been in politics for decades, right? 51 percent say Hillary Clinton represents the future.”

But those results were very different when applied to the other political dynasty. “When you ask that same question about Jeb Bush… 62 percent say he represents the past.”

“So Hillary Clinton probably by virtue of being a woman and her gender, makes her look like more of the future, gets the benefit of the doubt. Jeb Bush, the name, not so much,” Borger concluded.


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