MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Hillary’s Press Strategy ‘Doesn’t Seem At All Sustainable’

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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MSNBC host Chris Hayes said during a Facebook Q & A that he believed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s strategy of stonewalling “doesn’t seem at all sustainable.” (Chris Hayes Delivers MSNBC’s Worst Ratings In A Decade)

“With Hillary’s upside-down poll numbers today, do you think her strategy of stonewalling the press has backfired?” asked one handsome and intrepid reporter.

Hayes responded that he didn’t think they were related. “I think it was always inevitable that as a campaign got under way her approval ratings would come down. She’s still quite popular comparatively, but it’s always been the case that she is least popular when pursuing power…”

“That said, the campaign’s management of the press doesn’t seem at all sustainable,” he allowed. “[A]lthough in the campaign’s defense they are dealing with a level of press interest that is completely unprecedented in any presidential campaign in history.”

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